Over 182,226,259 websites in the world. Can you be found?

Where to find what, who to buy from, it all starts with the search. If 99% of your questions ask online went through Google or Yahoo! (search engines), it will probably be the same for your customers!

55% of shoppers use search engines to research a future purchase. (Asia Pacific Tech Purchasing Trends, 2008) Google and Media Screen LLC

There are billions of websites on the Internet today, millions in your industry with thousands of similar offerings for your product and services, searchability is key. With over 1 billion searches on Google alone everyday, how much traffic are coming to your websites?

Few businesses understand how to get traffic to their websites. Fewer still understands how to make their websites sell. It starts with a name, a professional and credible design, standards compliant coding, and finally, search engine optimization and marketing.

Part 1: Internet revolution (2009 update)

Do you “get” the Internet yet? Take a 5 mins break and watch “Did You Know?”, a fantastic short video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman and consider the opportunities…

The Internet has become a norm for many of us. By 2010, over 50% of the population in the developed world will be on the Internet, that is 30,000,000 influential customers! Are your websites working hard enough for you?

Part 2: Mobile revolution (2010 update)

Ramping faster than any ‘new new thing’, by far the most phenomenal innovation we have ever seen.

Would you rather be Google, Apple or Facebook?