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How to build a website?

Just like there are many different ways to cook a dish, there are also different ways to build a website. Here is the web design process I use for my clients, I hope it will be useful for you.


1. Domain name

This will usually be the company or brand’s name followed by .com, the world’s most popular domain extension. For localisation and seo, we will also consider .sg or .com.sg domain names for Singapore. It will depends on the local norm.

For ease of managing and training (especially when you have over 100 domain names), I prefer to stick to a single domain name registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap. I’m stuck on Godaddy for now. I am considering shifting to either NameCheap or Siteground.


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2. Hosting

I have been using Vodien in Singapore for the past 3 years which is the one of the best local hosting company, but not fast and cheap enough comparing to the international players who now have servers in Singapore. I am considering changing to siteground (server locations in Singapore, Chicago, London and Europe) for some of the smaller websites soon, and digitalocean for the larger traffic websites (100k visitors / month).


I will start using siteground for new projects to compare with existing solutions and see who is faster and cheaper.


3. Technology stack

WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly and easy to use content management system (CMS) at this moment. The number of themes (4. Design) and plugins (5. Add-ons) on the wordpress ecosystem is unparalleled, just like the sheer number of apps on Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play store today.


4. Design

Design is highly subjective and everyone will have a different opinion. There are clients that trust us that lets us decide on this, which I will have to visit their business, talk to the team and understand the business in person, before going onto ThemeForest to find and recommend something suitable. This is an extremely time consuming process and not scalable, but it works.


The other way these days I’m experimenting getting clients to shortlist 3-5 themes on ThemeForest and I value-add by evaluating the good from the bad themes, and get the website done.


5. Add-ons

We try to choose high quality plugins from WordPress plugin library or paid plugins which are maintained and updated frequently for add-on features such as photo gallery, contact form, Ecommerce, forums etc.


If something is not available, customising is the last option because we are the ones that have to maintain the customised plugin feature as WordPress and the Theme we use gets updated every few months, and there may be incompatibility issues here and there, that we (or the guy we outsource to) be available to maintain.


6. Others

Other stuff like SEO, payment gateways, etc will be covered along the way as we come across them.


I hope this helps. Do keep your questions coming!


Web design partnerships

Thank you for considering me.


I have always wanted to work together with partners on new projects, from designers to accountants.


We should start working together on small new website projects from scratch, so I can walk you thru our web design process, for you to understand, communicate, and execute better. Practise a few times and we can rinse and repeat for the next 5-10 years!


We have to localised the process to fit the different culture if you are based overseas and timezone differences. The key is always to find a way to bring great value to our clients and make them successful. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING. I am here to do knowledge transfer to you.


All the best!


Why do you need a website?

Where to find what, who to buy from, it all starts with the search. If 99% of your questions asked online went through Google (search engine), it will probably be the same for your customers!


55% of shoppers use search engines to research a future purchase. (Asia Pacific Tech Purchasing Trends, 2008) Google and Media Screen LLC


There are billions of websites on the Internet today, millions in your industry with thousands of similar offerings for your product and services, searchability is key. With over 1 billion searches on Google alone everyday, how much traffic are coming to your websites?


Few businesses understand how to get traffic to their websites. Fewer still understands how to make their websites sell. It starts with a name, a professional and credible design, standards compliant coding, and finally, search engine optimization and marketing.


Part 1: Internet revolution (2009 update)


Do you “get” the Internet yet? Take a 5 mins break and watch “Did You Know?”, a fantastic short video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman and consider the opportunities…



The Internet has become a norm for many of us. By 2010, over 50% of the population in the developed world will be on the Internet, that is 30,000,000 influential customers! Are your websites working hard enough for you?


Part 2: Mobile revolution (2010 update)



Ramping faster than any ‘new new thing’, by far the most phenomenal innovation we have ever seen.


Would you rather be Google, Apple or Facebook?