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Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions


Have a question or two? Feel free to ask!

Q: How much does it cost?

It depends. All projects depends on many factors such as the type of work, time of the year, client’s attitude, knowledge, expectations, budget, competition, complexity, etc.

Trust and personal ego are the biggest hurdles to success. I am choosy about who we work with as countless hours of work and resources are allocated for each projects we take on. You should be choosy about who to work with as you are going to spend many hours working together on the project! I am a marathon runner, and I prefer working on projects that are sustainable for the long term which can reap success for both our clients and our team.

Web design projects I work on ranges from $1-10k. Software and mobile application development work range from $5-50k per project. There are small projects which cost couple of hundreds or I can provide free advice from my experiences. There are also projects I do on pro-bono basis.

A client coming in with a decent size budget is always better for me to come out with a decent solution as compared to someone that have an idea but no budget although we may be able to make things work, it will be challenging.

Q: Budgeting for websites: How to set a budget for web design project?

Questions you need to ask and be realistic about is what do I want to be able to achieve and how much am I willing to pay?

Q: How long do you take to do a new WordPress Web Design project from scatch?

30 days upon confirmation of WordPress Theme (design of the website) and receiving of contents (photos, videos, write-ups, etc.) for the website. Some projects may be faster than others, depending on schedule as we may have on-going projects.

Usually we should be able to show you something in 2 weeks.

Q: Does this include image editing service like scaling and cropping work for the images to work well with the portfolio management plugin and wordpress theme?

Definitely! We strongly recommended clients to add as many photos, videos and articles (all the grreat contents you are proud of!!) onto website to showcase the work done so far!